Based in the North East of England, Zubru has been delivering brand experiences and digital solutions.

Escaping from 15 years of agency life and unrealistic deadlines,

we’re now marketing jargon, pitch, and fluff-free.

We have no sales staff, or account managers we are pure simple creative, and forward-thinking people.

our motto is Thinking outside the box, which is represented in our logo of opening the box out in all its colour and glory.

If your company is the box we can be the outside perspective that you need to get in the minds of your customers.

Our process is simple: 

You collaborate directly with the creators.
You get to know us, and we get to know you and understand your users.
As your small but mighty team, we pride ourselves on being fluid,
transparent, and exceeding expectations.

The name 'Zubru'

People often ask what does the name Zubru mean…

Zubru is a mantra that means nothing but encompasses everything. It’s a word that when you say it makes you feel good warm and fuzzy.

We hope to be your mantra when you hit a roadblock or want more. Zubru can be your mantra to tap into the creative.

Meet the team


Owner / Creative Director

Alistair has had over 15 years of experience working in the design industry in many different companies. As in-house support as well as large agency experience with bluechip clients.

In his spare time, he likes to surf, snowboard, and rock climb. He also goes by the name of ‘Alioli Funk’ while
DJing local events.


Junior Graphic Designer

Jasmine is the Junior Graphic Designer at Zubru. She has developed her passion for Illustration and Graphic design while studying at Teesside University. Jasmine is also in charge of our social media to enhance our social media presence.

Jasmine’s favorite thing to do when not in the office is to kick back and play some video games. 



Jeremy owns his own copywriting agency Linguakey

But we have developed a great relationship over various shared projects and happy to say he is one of the team.


Full Stack Developer

Jason helps us with the more complex PHP Javascript issues and also help take off some of the load when we are busy creating!

Your Name

New Position

We are always on the lookout for new talent and collaborations. If you think you can bring something to the team, then drop us a line.