Standard Conditions

The estimate provided is within ± 10% of actual costs. Estimates are provided for client’s budgeting convenience and, since estimates of a creative project are difficult to anticipate, this estimate should not be construed as a firm quotation. In the event that there are client revisions to the specified task, every effort will be made to keep the client apprised of additional costs. Revision time will be billed at an hourly rate of £30 for design, meetings and production.


Outside costs, such as printing, copywriting, and photography, are estimated to the best of our ability. They are estimated at actual cost plus a 15% handling fee.


All applicable sales tax will be paid by the client. Out of country projects are tax-exempt.


In the event that several solutions are being submitted, the solution selected by the client for production becomes the purchaser’s property subject to conditions 7, 8, & 9. All other design solutions in all forms remain the property of Zubru.


All conceptual presentations are developed with the understanding that the final work will be executed by Zubru.


Electronic mechanical art will remain the property of Zubru unless specifically negotiated at the time of agreement. Zubru will be responsible for storage of this artwork for 2 years. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all files will be created in software versions and with fonts for Apple Mac based systems.


Copyright on all original designs remains the property of Zubru until completion of the contract (including implementation per these conditions) and full payment of all related fees.


Unless otherwise stated, all original (non-royalty-free) illustration and photography is purchased for one time use only and entitles the client to reproduction rights for the specific project on which the price was negotiated. Re-use, adaptation, or extended use will require additional compensation based on the market value of additional usage.


Zubru is not responsible for proofreading copy or other materials supplied by the client. Zubru will make every effort to ensure correct spelling and punctuation, but the client is ultimately responsible for final approval of all copy.**


Projects placed on hold for more than 30 days will automatically be billed for work completed and are subject to termination and revised estimate if kept on hold for 60 days.


Use of the printed piece(s) for Zubru promotion is permitted, including submission to design competitions and publications.


Client has the right to terminate the agreement in writing. In the event of termination, Zubru will be paid for all expenses incurred on all fees for work done up to date of termination. All concepts and work produced up to date of termination remain the property of Zubru.


In the event of a legal action to enforce any provision of this agreement the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive reasonable lawyer/attorney’s fees and costs. Prior to court proceedings however, either party may submit a dispute to binding arbitration before an Arbitration Association in United Kingdom.