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Standing out can be beautiful

Design is what we do best. Alistair our Creative Director has over a decade of design experience, we have mastered getting your ideas and creating them into a reality, working in many different styles to match the brand and the business direction.

Jasmine our New Designer has a degree in Graphic Design and a Masters’s with distinction in Illustration, with an impressive portfolio of her own.

User-led design, Listening to Clients, understanding Ethos of the company

A picture can say a thousand words, but so can a colour scheme or good typography. We can also use Iconography or infographics to get messages over to your client’s ease and with style.

Types of Design:

Branding and Logo Design

We have created many brands from small startups like dog grooming and yoga studios to bigger clients like Beer food Brands.

The Brand is the face of your company and will help tell your story, your ethos and give you a badge to wear proudly. We will dig deep and find your ideal target market and work alongside your thoughts and dreams.

UX Design and UI Design

User experience is in all of our design work, whether it’s a website or a logo, we always keep the end-users at the top of our priority. Happy users result in quicker easier sales and more importantly returning customers as well as them giving you good reviews.

User interface design is taking that User experience further with great navigation and ease of use. We don’t want people to think or get lost it needs to flow and work for them or work for you.

We can work with various companies including a partner company “Wubbleyou” which specialise in more complex data collection and display.

We use Adobe XD to showcase our work, you can see some examples below and read more about this software in Prototypes and Sharing.


Prototypes and Sharing

All designs go through a process of:

Idea > Concept > Approval

and the best way we have found to showcase our work and discuss and approve has been using Adobe XD, a vector-based program that is specialised in creating prototypes of digital experiences, from websites to Apps and wearable interfaces.


We create all our designs using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD) – which marry up well with XD. Sometimes PDFs are fine to display the smaller things, but most of the time we use XD as it offers a link to the cloud document with the support of drag and drop notifications as well as to scale fonts and colours that can be pulled directly into a Web Development Build.


As well as showing off the design, we can implement clickable elements for a working prototype for more complex projects.

We can even send prototypes directly to Phone or other devices for review before build you just need to download the XD app.

Our Key Tools

Website Design and Digital Design

Over the past few years, our main focus on design has shifted from Print over to Web. It’s more cost-effective, it can animate and be updated easily. Not to mention better UX and links to 3rd parties.


Website Design

Websites have changed over the years and moved away from a space that showcases work like a portfolio to more of the working machine that runs their business, they have gotten bigger better, and more complicated. What we aim to do with all our design is to make it practical | adaptable and accessible. With User Lead design and years of experience on how to streamline the build keeping its complexity down and potential optimum. We don’t plan on creating a new site for you every few years… We plan to create a base that you can build upon and grow, bolting on all tools and tracking to work for you. This all starts with a good clean design.

To read more about Websites and our Development upon WordPress click here.


Digital Design

Design just doesn’t stop at website creation, there is a whole world of screens out there are many ways to view powerful engaging design, from Email campaigns to social media. Not to mention PPC campaigns with images and animated graphics.

Print Design

Although we are entering more of a digital world every day, there is still a place for print design, something tactile and real. We have years of experience and good contacts with Printers around the country. This can range from Business cards, Posters and Leaflets to Floor Stickers and Vehicle Wraps.

  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Signage
  • Display and Exhibition
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards and Letterheads
  • Clothing to Calendars

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